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designed specifically for Dance studios.
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Studio Owners and Managers


Student Features
  • Online Class Scheduling
  • Online Private Scheduling
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders
  • Online Lesson Notes
  • Used/Remaining Lesson Data
  • See who is in classes you are joining
  • Search for a dance partner within your studio.
  • Online Student Messaging System
  • Nothing to download
Instructor Features
  • Online Instructor Appointment Schedule
  • Schedule, reschedule or cancel online
  • Block times you are not available
  • Maintain Online student notebooks
  • View Used/Remaining Lesson Data
  • View student pictures to familiarize yourself with new students.
Front Desk Features
  • Easy Student Registration in classes
  • Easy Private Lesson Scheduling
  • One button attendance reports
  • One button posting to programs
  • Contact students to fill classes
  • One button class cancellation and Student notification
  • Search Students by Dance Preference
  • Email personal emails to all students with one button.
Management Features
  • Student Program Management
  • Automatic Lesson Posting
  • Automatic Confirmation Emails
  • View Used/Remaining Lesson Data
  • Easy Class Calendar Creation
  • Aging reports for student activity
  • Student birthday reports
  • Student Anniversary reports
  • Feature rich marketing functions
  • Easy Website Integration
  • Nothing to download
  • Free Tech Support
  • Online help forum
  • Only $2 per class.  No charge for cancelled classes
 automatically accomplishes 4 very vital functions for your studio:.

  1. It keeps your current students active and keeps you connected with them automatically.
  2. Our "hot leads" method provides you with new students signing up every week. No Need to advertise anywhere else.
  3. It increases traffic to your website daily which raises your placement on Google and other search engines.
  4. It saves you money by automating tasks that you have been doing manually, saving you money on labor, and you pay Only $2 per class.  And we never charge for cancelled classes. So you are only paying for classes that are profitable to you. has been created expressly for Social/Ballroom Dance studios with these four goals in mind. The best part is that it all happens automatically.

  • Students can login from anywhere they have internet access, and schedule, reschedule or cancel lessons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even if your registration desk is closed.
  • Teachers can review students requests and prepare for a new student before ever meeting the student.
  • Administrators can see the whole studio's needs and plan accordingly from their office, living room, or a beach resort while on vacation.

But let's face it, in today's economy every current student is a very important asset. As the economy tightens, keeping each student active and involved will be the top priority of any heathy dance studio business. With online student management, each manager has a "crystal ball" to keep him/her informed of students' learning trends and desires so that class inventory and instructors can be prepared instead of guessing what the students want and ending up with empty or "under minimum classes." was originally designed just as a studio/student management system. But it has now evolved into an incredible marketing tool. One of our test studios is gettting 10 - 15 new students signing up each week through our online system. That same studio has registered 420 students in the last 6 months in spite of the current economic conditions. A second test studio registered 246 students in the same 6 months!

How Can We Be Sure This Will Work For You?

Our development team consists of a mix of studio managers, dance teachers, dance students and computer programmers. We all set out to create a student management system to help studio managers, PD's, IPD's, Receptionists, and teachers, all stay up to date on the status of every student, without the endless daily posting and reporting that consumes so much time. The system was designed to let teachers do what they do best - teach, - and managers do what they do best - manage.

As we began to work with live test students and studios, we added features to allow students to make appointments, reschedule appointments, and cancel appointments online. Students can now track their programs online so they are always prepared to purchase lessons as their lessons run out. Teachers can post lesson notes online so students can securely review their notes from anywhere in the world where they have an internet connection. All this while the system keeps track of every student and posts every lesson with the click of a button.

Program Directors can view any student's remaining lessons, used lessons and instructor notes regarding the student's training to assist with upcoming renewals and program revisions. Program Directors can also scan all students along with each student's dance interests by simply clicking a button. With this information it is easy to create a monthly calender which fits the needs of the students in your studio. The program has an easy online calendar system which is included for you to use. Simply pick the day, time and what kind of class you want; add a teacher and location, price and maximum number of students - hit enter and it appears on your schedule.

Easy Marketing to people who want your product. No need to advertise anywhere else. provides you with automated marketing systems that work through your website to bring you new students every week. Imagine checking your student body list once a week and finding between 5 - 50 new "pre-qualified" students waiting for you to invite them to a class. You will have the student's name, phone number, email address, and dance preferences along with notes about the student. You don't have to go looking for them, then come to you, ready to learn. This is our "Hot Leads" function and is the only system on the market that does this for you automatically.

FREE Trial - sign up now!

 Use the system for 30 days.  If you decide DanceAppointment is not for you, cancel before the 30th day and you will not be charged for your trial period.

We wouldn't expect anyone to totally change their appointment scheduling system without thoroughly testing how the system works for them. But we are confident that once you experience how helps manage your current student body, coupled with internet marketing features to bring you new students every week, that you will agree that our system is the easiest system on the market to set up and run. We are also confident that we will increase your business in such a way that you wont want to operate a single day without us.

So try us out. Use your current system and use ours along side and compare the two. If you decide to continue to use after your 30 day trial period, you don't have to do a thing. Your payments will be automatically deducted each month. If you decide not to continue our service at the end of your trial period, simply notify us in an email or with a phone call, and you will never pay a penny.

BUT - you keep all the new students we signed up for you, through our service, without spending a cent! You could get 10 - 50 new students in your first 30 days!

Our system can be used by studios, workshop promoters and independent dance teachers! Our monthly fee is only $2 per class/private, and we never charge for cancelled classes. One new student each month will pay your fees, the rest is profit. Fill in the form below and we will have you up and running in less than 30 minutes. Within 24 hours one of our service representatives will call you to make sure you got everything set up and answer any questions you might have. You will running with full power on your first day.



We have recently upgraded our entire system and changed to a windows based server.  We need studios and independent teachers to use our service and give us feedback on any problems you might have with the system and any suggestions and ideas for improvements.

This text will be removed when we have enough testers.

Save 50% while building your classes beyond your wildest dreams.  Test the system for 30 days as a trial. If you continue using the system after your 30 day trial period, we will give you the first 3 months at half price to show our appreciation for your feedback.  Yes only $1 per class/private just for trying our system and giving us your valuable feedback.

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